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Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions:

General Questions

Why the name ShopFloor?

The name, ShopFloor, pays homage to the machines, facility and skilled craftsmen with which the software gives you direct access.  The designs you create on the ShopFloor platform go seamlessly into fabrication.  We’re giving you the floor.

How much does ShopFloor cost to use?

Use of ShopFloor is free.    

What are the hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs.  The purchaser is only responsible for installation.  Use of the website is free.  There is no additional engineering fee as these systems have already been engineered.  Shipping cost and taxes are added during checkout.  We ship the fabricated and pre-assembled components from Kansas City, MO to anywhere in the United States. 

How does payment work?

You can pay via Credit Card or through other channels after receiving an invoice.  50% down payment and we start fabricating, 50% and we ship it; Simple, and predictable.

Getting Started

Is my computer supported

Mac and PC are supported.  A 3D graphics card is recommended. 

Can I use my Tablet?

The website is mostly functional, although not fully optimized for tablets.  Windows based tablets will be able to use the designer, iOS devices are not able to at this time.  We hope to add iOS support in 2014, so check back.

Do I need a specific internet browser?

Some work better than others.  Internet Explorer 10, and newer, are optimal.  Recent versions of Firefox, Opera, and Safari are mostly functional.  I.E. 9 has many known bugs and Google Chrome requires some finesse to enable the Unity3D plugin.

I found a bug. Where do I share this?

Help us help you!  Send us an email with an explanation of the bug you’re encountering.  Please include detailed steps to recreate and the device, browser and operating system you are using.

I forgot my username. How can I recover my account?

You can do this by clicking “Forgot Password” in the login dialog box.  Type in your email address and we’ll email you your username and a new password.  Make sure to change your username to something memorable by using the 'PROFILE' page.

I forgot my password.  What now?

You can reset your password by clicking “Forgot Password” in the login dialog box.  Type in your email address and we’ll email you your username and a new password.  Make sure to change your password to something memorable by using the 'PROFILE' page.

How do I change my password?

Login to ShopFloor, click on “Profile” at the top right.  Here you can make changes to your preferences, including making changes to your password.

Can I change my Username?

You can change your username using the 'PROFILE' page.

How do I duplicate my design?

There are two ways to make a copy of your design.  You can do it within the designer using 'Save a Copy', or you can do it in on the Design Admin page using the '+' button on any selected design.

CloudWall Questions

I’m moving the sliders, why do the fins stay the same?

Click ‘Update’ button in the bottom left corner.  More complex models may take longer to update.  Slower connections will increase the update time as well.

How do I upload an image?

In the CloudWall designer, click on the landscape image icon under the “Surface Parameters” category, A green button will pop up...

I feel like I’m missing some options…

The parameters panel on the left with sliders is actually scrollable.  Smaller screens and windows will not show all of the options at once.  While mousing over the options on the left, mouse-wheel scrolling will allow you to access the whole of the options.

What if a fin is missing?

It probably means that it does not meet our engineering criteria.  Try changing the design slightly to give cantilevered fins more backspan or reduce extreme curvature.  If you think it’s a bug take a screenshot including your slider settings on the left and let us know.

What if a flange extrusion is missing?

If the curvature exceeds a certain threshold it will cause the extrusions to turn off.  Try reducing the curvature until it displays properly.  If you think it’s a bug take a screenshot including your slider settings on the left and let us know.

I think I broke it. The model is unresponsive.

We’re still working out the kinks.  Try reloading the CloudWall designer by clicking on ______’s Designs and then re-launching the design.  In some rarer cases, restarting your browser may be required.

I don’t see the material I want.

The materials listed are the current CloudWall offerings.  If you would like see a different material option let us know.

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