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Introducing Three New Ways to Rapidly Design & Fabricate.

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ImageWall Beta Begins — Create an Account with ShopFloor to get started

ImageWall is officially available as a fully functional live beta. The new software allows users to design, quote, and purchase image-based perforated systems.

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First look at the latest apps from ShopFloor — See what’s new.

Craig Long introduces StoreFront at the 2014 AIA Convention in Chicago where we demonstrated our two new apps for the ShopFloor software.

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ShopFloor Engineer and Co-Founder Craig Long discusses StoreFront

Continue your surface across multiple systems

All of our apps share the same building blocks, so mosaic perforations created with ImageWall can be continued onto your custom glass frit design with StoreFront. Even CloudWall is based on the unit and features some of the same materials.

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Imagine buying a custom facade, fully engineered, without having to model the parts or search for pricing.


It's what we've been offering for years, and now we're putting the tools in your hands — and it's free.

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A. Zahner Company CEO/President L. William Zahner introduces ShopFloor.

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See which contractors are quoting your design, lock your price, and then buy the fully-engineered and fabricated system.

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ShopFloor features a rich control system to manage your designs.

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Your design is fabricated and shipped — ready for you to install.

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Fin-Facade Generator
Perforated Image Generator
Glass Facade Generator
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